Like Butter

I'm not one of those people who believe that technology is going to be the death of civilization - and I don't recommend that you be one of those people.  Those are the same people who have basements full of canned tuna, DD batteries, bullets.  Those people are weird.  No, I'm one of those people who use technology the way one uses butter.  Or rather, the way one should use butter: sparingly.   I have a cell phone that I use for emergencies, a microwave - also for emergencies, and one little social networking site that I occasionally frequent in order to keep up on what everyone else is doing.
The trouble with social networking sites is the disallusionment that they cause amongst friends.  Firstly, they make you think you have friends.  Hundreds of them.  How many of the 'friends' that you have on Facebook know that you peed your pants at eight grade sleepaway camp, or that you still take vocal lessons on the weekend because, even though you're thirty-two, you still haven't given up on your pop star record deal dreams?  My Facebook page says that I have 197 friends.  I say that I have seven.  That's why it's important to use technology sparingly.  If I let the computer tell me how many friends I have then I'll also let the computer tell me that terrorists are planting surveillance devices in my garden which will eventually lead me to being one of those people with the canned tuna and the batteries and the bullets in my basement.  And I just don't want that.

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