21st Century Top Ten

Let us try and decide what the top ten events of the 21st century thus far have been. Some events are unanimously important, like 9/11.  In fact, many say that this century began not on January 1, 2000, but on September 11, 2001. And although I recognize this as possibly being a quintessentially and strictly  American viewpoint, I would have to agree. But what about the rest of the 21st century? What other events have altered the world and changed everything around us?  What deaths, births, inventions and destructions have penetrated are radar?  Here's my tentative list for important events, personal cataclysms and triumphs aside:
    Top Ten Events of the 21st Century - In No Particular Order

  1. The Attacks of September 11

  2. The Invention of Youtube

  3. The Invention of Facebook

  4. The Inauguration of President Obama

  5. The Iraq War

  6. The Afghanistan War
  7. The Invention of iPod... and iEverything else
  8. Hurricane Katrina
  9. The 2008 Economic Crash/Crisis
  10. The Execution (recorded by cell phones and downloadable online, no less) of Saddam Hussein
The list is subjective, and the list is mine. If you don't like it, make your own list. No, really, make your own list - and share it.  


  1. Taylor: Here is my list, with the chosen events in no particular order of significance. I feel that combined,they changed the world.
    1. The election of President Obama.
    2. 9/11
    3. The de-regulation of financial markets.
    4. The failed reaction of the U.S. government to the suffering brought by Hurricane Katrina, and the picture that it showed to the rest of the world regarding our still deeply entrenched classism and prejudices.
    5. The War on Terror.
    6. The explosive economic development of China.
    7. The finalization of the creation of the European Union.
    8. The failure of the Developed Countries to stem the flow of illegal immigration from the Third World.
    9. NAFTA and it's effects on the destabilization of the U.S. economy.
    10. Everything cyber related.

    Thanks for asking.

  2. Great list, D! You're right on!
    xo t

  3. As to people making a difference, I would add Nadia Suleman and that blond chick who botched the question at a pageant and showed her Ugly American attitude when in China on the Amazing Race..Just kidding...My # 1 on my list - Obama!!!!Love, Mom