Instant Photogratification

Remember the days when you would wait anxiously after handing in rolls of film from your wedding, or your Spring vacation, or your graduation to the photo processor?  Remember how it felt to know that the film was ready after you patiently waited several days?  Remember how you couldn't wait until you got home to open up the packages and see what pictures came out just as you intended, and what pics failed to capture the moment.  Photos of friends with their eyes closed, blurry backgrounds, and red-eyed babies disappointed you, but they also made those perfect shots look that much more perfect.  

Well friends of the 21st century, those days are gone. 

I watched a mother take a picture of her little girls the other day, and the first thing the kids did after they said 'cheese' and waited for the flash was to run over to their mom and look at the back of her camera to see how the photo came out.  They were happy with the way it turned out, so a reshoot wasn't necessary.   What does this say about children in the 21st century?  That they are set up to expect and demand instant gratification.  And they will not be disappointed. 

And although I enjoy the digital world where convenience reigns over old-fashioned necessity, I must admit that I miss those small moments of excitement that come when you have to wait for something you want.  I miss waiting for photos to develop.  What small moments do you miss from the 21st century?

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  1. I remember when they created 1 hour Photo Mat Kiosks but even then you had to wait for the photos to be developed and you were excited when some of the pictures turned out great!What I miss of the last century, especially the last 20 years, is the privacy and silence we all had prior to the creation of the beeper and cell phones...The sounds of silence..I miss that..Love, Mom