Bitter Little Pill

There's a rumor going around on talk shows and in magazines that the greatest invention for women in the last one hundred years is hair dye.  Say it isn't so women.  If we let hair dye be our crowning glory then we will continue to give our aesthetic more power than our intellect and the terrorists win.  Might I join the masses and suggest "The Pill" as the greatest invention for women in the 20th Century?  
You would think that because the pill has been around for a good fifty years that it would be as easy to get your hands on as, say, a condom.  Instead, intelligent responsible women like myself are meant to search far and wide for a doctor who will write a prescription without requiring a doctor's appointment weeks from the actual moment when a woman is in need of said contraceptive.  This means that less intelligent and less responsible women unlike myself are more likely to say 'screw it, I'll just use a condom'. But the trouble with using condoms instead of using the pill is that it takes the choice - and therefore, the power - out of the woman's hands and puts it into the man's hands.  That means that the same woman - you know, the not so bright or responsible one lets her not so bright or responsible partner control her future.  
It's the 21st Century.  A contraceptive that is affordable and accessible for women is long overdue.  If that contraceptive is the pill, than the pill needs to be handed out like candy in the waiting rooms of free clinics just like condoms are, rather than trapped behind the pharmacy counter with the Prozac and Oxicontin. 
Say it with me ladies: What do we want?  The pill!  When do we want it?  Now!  


  1. I would love to share your enthusiasm for the pill, except for the fact that I felt horrible, horrible, horrible on it!

    Good for some women though!

  2. Tay: Speaking as someone who came into her breeder-hood before the Pill was available I applaud its' invention and it's use. I know that sometimes you can feel a little crazy from the additional hormones, but I firmly believe that it did more than anything else to free women from being nothing but breed mares. We still have a ways to go, but thank God the pill will be there to continue to help us on our journey.
    Older than dirt D