Fumbling Fingertips

I'm not going to argue wether or not change is, as they say, 'good'.  At least not tonight. I will stand by the believe however, that change is hard. I can attest to this not only because my life has been defined by thirty years of habits, good and bad, but because I recently switched from a PC to a Mac and my stomach is now in a nostalgic knot.  As capable as my brand new computer is, I miss my old one, the way one misses an old pair of shoes or a discontinued brand of potato chips or a hometown.
Old habits die hard, and we are a species that loves consistency, whether or not we give it to ourselves.  Consistency provided by brands, companies, tools and traditions keep us warm and fuzzy inside while giving us a sense of security, be it false or not.  It's the reason why, like it or not, there is at least one Starbucks within a mile of any zip code.  We love knowing that know matter how unpredictable the day is we can still get a grande decaf no whip skinny caramel latte that will taste exactly how we expect it to taste whether we're enjoying it in Stockholm or Santa Fe. 
And so, as I my fingers fumble on my brand new keyboard I know that for as awkward as I feel today, after years of typing on my new computer I will soon reach the day when I am as bonded to this new Betty as I am to the old.  And then, it will die, as all computers do, and the cycle will continue.  It's the circle of life friends. It happens to all machines, and I've heard it happens to humans, too.


  1. Love it..Just so you know, I voted for the last century when there was more common sense, common decency, and common respect for one another. There was also "shame to people's games". But you, Layna, Ashton, Pollyana, and others do uplift my spirits because you do all act like you got some sense, respect for others, and are honorable and decent. To you!!Love Mom

  2. I am very nostalgic too. I was actually going to write a post about it, being that I have so many old clothes and all. I think part of nostalgia is just romanticizing the past because it seems better than the present... Or maybe the past was better!